At Reboot, youth are safe to raise their questions about God and life, and can expect kind and credible responses.

Want to know what Reboot is all about?

Reboot is all about offering a space for young people to ask difficult questions about God, faith, life, meaning, purpose, and many other topics.

Check out our recent Reboot Digital event, where youth groups gathering online from all around the world explored the question “Why am I here?” with co-hosts Alanzo Paul and Clare Williams and guest speaker, Prof. John Lennox. 


We want to come to you! If you’re a youth leader looking to explore questions about faith with your youth group, we’d love to help lead a Reboot Local event at your church and offer young people the opportunity to discuss questions more deeply with our team. For more information, please reach out to


Save the date for our next REBOOT City event! On September 16, our team will be in London to answer young people’s toughest questions about God and faith. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!


For more information about REBOOT or upcoming events, contact us at