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Twice a week we release a REBOOT Q&A, talk, interview or workshop every Wednesday and Saturday morning. Make sure you are checking back each week for the latest videos. Why not subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified by YouTube itself! 

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REBOOT is a youth event that began in London in 2013 to create a space where teenagers from any background could ask questions about God and the Christian faith. So far, REBOOT has been held in cities around the world, and hosts live digital events every year!

REBOOT is designed for young people, who have questions about the Christian faith or who want to be more prepared to talk about God with their friends. We look at topics such as: “Why does God allow suffering?”, “How can we know that God exists?” , “Is God transphobic?” and “Can science explain everything?” among many other topics.

No question off limits

At REBOOT our hashtag is #noquestionofflimits – because we wanted to create a space for teenagers to ask all sorts of questions, and where all questions are welcome. At Reboot teenagers get to raise their objections and formulate their own “big questions” about God, faith and life. It is also an opportunity to be honest with our doubts and thoughts about all aspects of the Christian faith.

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REBOOT meets in major cities across the globe to explore questions such as ‘How can we know God exists?’, ‘Why does God allow suffering?’ and ‘Hasn’t science disproved God?’. REBOOT provides a place for young people, with or without any faith or church background, to raise their objections and investigate different perspectives on life. Our team of world-class apologists want you to have confidence in what you believe, and the chance to be honest about your doubts. Since its launch in 2013, REBOOT has welcomed hundreds of young people to its conferences, and we want you to be part of our story. Find out if we’re coming to a city near you! All of the questions asked on our YouTube channel were asked by young people at REBOOT events and we try our best to title the questions as you asked them. Happy watching!

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“Lovely people that were funny, smart and they REALLY wanted our questions”


“I thought there were some questions that we simply could not answer but I learnt today there we actually can”


“It was my first apologetics and I didn’t even know what it meant. It sounded really dull but it was brilliant”


“I txt loads of questions and one of mine was answered!!!”


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